I am an Architect who turns artist

1982 _ 1989       French National Architectural School at                                      Versailles, FRANCE.
                         Design, Mixed Techniques, Charcoal, Ink, Live                            Models, History of Art, Sculpture, Photography,                            Modelling.


1994 - 2003        Private Art Studio and Private practice at                                    Baden- Baden, GERMANY
                         Watercolor / Pastels and Experimental                                        techniques.


2007 - 2014        National School of Fine Arts, 

                         Brussels, BELGIUM.
                         The studio of Christos Vouyioklis (4 years)
                         The studio of Magda Ulrich (3 years)

                         Oil painting, Design, Live Models,                                              Composition,Still life, History of Art


2014 - 2018        Dubaï , UAE 




Immersed in the World of Art from studies in Architecture, I acquired in Versailles the knowledge base in art history and in basic art techniques which led to the development of a deep desire to follow further the adventure in to painting...


The years of expatriation which followed opened my eyes to the many ways of seeing and perceiving. It also applied thus to the natural order, seasonal colours, emotions, meetings, to life (the growing family) and to the proliferation of emotional and spiritual wealth which only asked to be welcomed !


Painting offers the fantastic possibility to transmit much more than a simple image but a true condensed statement of “mood” nurtured collectively by all the experiences and observations.

At the School of Fine Arts in Brussels and with the opinions of professional painters, the guidance of the fine teachers in the studios and a deep study of oil on canvas, I focussed my approach towards “free expression”.


The back and forth from figurative to abstract confirmed little by little a more personal sensitivity in the journey being travelled...

Today Dubai has again enriched my paintings by its formidable Continuous movement and the energy that this city exudes. After the European diversity this Middle Eastern discovery is similarly a door open to many meetings from the entire World. Cultures form every horizon living with the same willingness to move full steam ahead. 

© 2015 par Agnès Winogradsky​

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