Swirls of water, air, sand, incandescent embers ...

Life - Elements in motion.


More or less mistreated by these currents? Why not try to pacify the present so as to reveal its inherent beauty to life, and thus tend to the delicacy of the "simple"? Neither overload nor empty. Gesture, matter and emotions in a modest offering.


I chose abstraction to talk about this complex equation :

Between disturbance and balance.


  - Emotional and rational     - The constructed and unexpected   - Movement and stability     - Composition and spontaneity ...


I vibrate with the proximity of the line and the curve, or the score, played in duo, between the lightness of the wash drawing and the force of the impasto.


The light and depth of the colours are an inexhaustible source of exploration that allow us to travel in a world full of spirituality.


To lose oneself is really equivalent to finding oneself. 

© 2015 par Agnès Winogradsky​

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