Agnès Winogradsky-Dary


An overview of the Artistic process 


According to the state of mind, the painting finds its colours and character from the start.

The most importance is given to the choice of colours on the palette.

In fact the research for the harmony of shades and colours, even though present at all times in the working progress, is essential at this initial stage. One colour calls another so as to enrich its luminosity, strengthens by its contrast and tempers it softly.

Apart from the expression given by colour, body movement is another means by which the painting takes shape. To invest physically is the way to give more, to transmit an energy, to witness a true willingness to transfer “your inner self” towards a painting.

The choice of a large format has allowed, these recent years, to liberate even more movement, to search for a freedom of expression, diverse emotions. I reach out then to pacify or facilitate life’s’ whirlwinds through the medium of the canvas, brushes and tubes of paint.

Strength of attack and sweet subtlety are the two values which must be found in the work whilst hoping with hope to create an echo within he that regards and who understands this fragile but delicious equilibrium. 

© 2015 par Agnès Winogradsky​

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